Youth and Gangs
The Justice Education Society has produced an educational video that illustrates the dangers of gang involvement. It presents a scenario where young gang members struggle with their criminal activities, feel threatened, and recruit another youth into their gang. The video is available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Punjabi. The Society has also published a factsheet that provides overview information about gangs in British Columbia. It describes who joins gangs, lies gangs tell, how to avoid getting involved and tips for parents. The fact sheet is available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Punjabi.

Youth Criminal Justice Act
Youth and teachers can use this website to learn about the Youth Criminal Justice Act – the law that is applied to anyone aged 12-17. Students can read articles, take quizzes and complete assignments. Teachers can read lessons and take a final exam. The information is only available in English.

Legal Rights for Youth
This website is for youth who have questions about their legal rights. The site helps youth understand how the law applies to them and where they can get help. Topics include: Age-Based Rights, Crime, Family Break-up, Work, Driving, Medical Rights, Online Safety, Renting, Consumer Rights & Debt, Lawsuits, and more.


Court Choices
Testifying in court can be scary for young people. This website will help them with their feelings by teaching them about what will happen. Videos show what to expect in court, how to prepare, and how to testify.

Couldn’t find the right resource? Search Clicklaw.
Clicklaw is a website that features legal information and education from more than 24 public legal education contributors. The resources available through Clicklaw were designed to be used by the public and those helping the public access legal information. Clicklaw: Solve Problems. Find Help.

More Young Offenders Resources

Informal Family Trial Pilot – Kamloops Registry
As of May 16, 2022, informal trials are being tested in Kamloops, BC. This webpage provides resources that you can use to learn more about the informal trial process, including how to prepare for one. More details
Youth Court Cases
In Youth Court, Provincial Court judges deal with young persons aged 12 through 17 who are charged with criminal offences. More details
A Toolkit for On-Reserve Matrimonial Real Property Dispute Resolution
This toolkit was designed for communities and individuals to help them learn about dispute resolution options, major issues, and important questions to consider when developing matrimonial real property laws. More details
Legal Information for People Attending Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Actions
The information provided is a guide intended for people attending Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Actions so that they may be better informed when interfacing with law enforcement. This guide contains legal information on people’s rights at protests, the law of injunctions, rights upon arrest and detention. More details
Know Your Rights: Seizure of Alcohol
These rights cards were developed and prepared by Pivot Legal Society, Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education (EIDGE), and Drinker's Lounge to inform people about their rights if their alcohol is seized. More details
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