Small Claims Court
This website will teach you about Small Claims Court, where you may handle your own case for claims between $5,001 and $35,000. You will see answers to common questions about the court and learn about what cases the court hears. 

Small Claims: Ministry of Justice
The Ministry of Justice provides helpful information and a series of guides to help British Columbians learn about this “do-it-yourself” division of the Provincial Court of BC. This website also includes court forms, a filing assistant and a current list of court fees.

Dial-A-Law Small Claims Court Scripts
The BC branch of the Canadian Bar Association has prepared a number of helpful audio and text scripts – most are available in English, Chinese and Punjabi. To listen to a script on the telephone, call 604-687-3221 (Vancouver) or toll free in BC: 1-800-663-1919. The website provides text versions of the scripts as well as print friendly versions.

Courtprep (Prepare for Court)
An interactive website that helps to prepare for court. It explains the justice system process, features an interactive virtual courtroom, and offers tips for witnesses. Available in English and French.

Alternatives to Going to Court
Some legal disputes can be solved more effectively, faster and cheaper outside the court. This guidebook gives an overview of alternatives to court, such as negotiation, mediation, neutral evaluation, and arbitration.

The Law Centre: Small Claims Court Factsheets
The Small Claims Court factsheets are a series of 21 resources that help individuals navigate the steps that may be taken in a Small Claims Court lawsuit. The Law Centre is a service of the University of Victoria Faculty of Law that provides advice, assistance and representation to clients who cannot afford a lawyer.

LSLAP Manual: Small Claims Procedure
The UBC Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSPAP) publishes a manual that covers many legal issues. Chapter 22: Small Claims Procedure provides information about the initial interview, settlement letters, notices of claim (and replies), default orders, mediation, settlement conferences, trial conferences, trials, enforcement of judgments and appeals from small claims court.

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More Small Claims Court Resources

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